Integrative Therapies

We personalize our care to address the unique needs of our patients, by relieving stress we can more effectively manage pain and other symptoms. Our services often include non-drug symptom management such as Touch Therapies, Aromatherapy and Calming Sounds Music Therapy, to name only a few, which can complement traditional medical therapies.

 Medical research has demonstrated these therapies can be instrumental in reducing stress and pain, while enhancing quality of life for our patients.

All Fremont Regional Hospice Integrative Therapies are complementary. Our Integrative Therapies may be offered to patients in their homes as well as in long-term care and assisted living facilities. Hospice professionals can guide patients in making informed decisions about their care and incorporating Integrative Therapies into a comprehensive plan of care.


Furry Friends

Furry Friends utilizes animals as nurturing, compassionate beings that offer comfort and solace through one-on-one interactions and touch. 


Aromatherapy uses therapeutic-grade essential oils through touch therapy. This essential oil therapy has been found to aid in the management of symptoms such as anxiety, pain, nausea and edema.

Moments to Remember

Moments to Remember recognizes that many patients and families enter hospice with unmet dreams and offers, when appropriate, an opportunity for an outing that might not otherwise happen. Patients have accessed this program for athletic events, church services, and such diverse outings as local trips to view fall colors, and the like.

Comforting Sounds

Comforting Sounds uses both digital compilation and/or local musicians, as appropriate, to create a comforting environment for patients and their loved ones. Using volunteer musicians from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds, as well as a comprehensive sound streaming library, Comforting Sounds addresses individual needs.


Thank you so much for sending the Harpist to play for Mom during her last days. We know she heard the music and it put her at peace. ( Family member of a patient)

Touch Therapies

Touch Therapies incorporate a variety of therapies to help manage patient’s pain and stress.